You may use Windows Defender, which is already built-in on your Windows 10 device. You may also use a third-party antivirus solution for better results. Most streaming services and content download apps display recommended movies when you sign in. You can also browse movies by category or use the Search function to search for movies by name. In particular, the virus creates numerous fake events that appear on notifications every single day. They are named “Today is Your Lucky Day” and similar to attract people’s interest. Unfortunately, the event contains a malicious link that redirects users to other suspicious websites that help infect their systems with more potentially unwanted applications.


Select it by clicking once, so that it is highlighted. We’ll also point out some additional features that will also free up space and keep your MacBook Pro from getting bogged down with old files.


To turn the PPT spell check on or off, whether it’s a spell check in PowerPoint 2007 or other, isn’t very different across the programs. However, you might choose not to have the program checking grammar and spelling and turn it on or off. There might be several reasons why your laptop fails to come on after tapping the power button several times. In such a scenario, you have to confirm that it is a hardware fault of the button itself. To turn on/off a laptop without the power button you can use an external keyboard for Windows or enable wake-on-LAN for Windows. For Mac, you can enter clamshell mode and use an external keyboard to wake it up. When you get the option to Restore or Update – you should choose Update.

  • Now, close the browser and try to print any document.
  • Finally, there’s an achievement rewarded to those who can quickly play one of each game under 10 minutes.
  • The video player embedded on the site has all the options you’d expect, like volume modifier and fullscreen.

The original versions of Windows 10 let you disable this integrated Bing search, but Microsoft removed that option. The Bing division must have needed more users. Those features are cool, I guess, but they’re not important to most PC users. At least you can easily uninstall apps like Paint 3D. You have to use a registry hack to hide the 3D Objects folder. Another thing to note is the start menu we have created/setup works also when they log in. You can eliminate the ads altogether by paying to upgrade to the premium version of the app but the costs will add up over time. System Restore reverts everything to a saved restore point that must have been recorded previously.

Why And How To Turn Off Voiceover On Mac

It’s possible that there might be a hardware issue with the device that you weren’t aware of since it’s a 2017 model. If the computer has been powering off during Zoom calls, it’s possible that there is something wrong with the battery that causes it to die when running a program that is more intensive. Some of the free rescue CDs above are more intuitive and user-friendly than others. Of them all, I thought Kaspersky and BitDefender offered the easiest to use and probably the most newbie-friendly interfaces. Both boot into a desktop-like environment that may be more familiar to Windows users. In addition, they each offer an Explorer-like window that allows users to examine files on the Windows hard disk.

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